Bloodhound- Chien de Saint Hubert

Badea Gheo Kennel- Bloodhound Breeder

Show successes of our bloodhound puppies / Rezultate competitionale ale puilor

Our babies haven´t any genetical problems.

They have very nice heads, many skin, typical bodies, healthy sweez eyes.

Our puppies are growing up at home in our family that´s why they are very good socializated, they eat high quality food.

We give to our dogs the best of all what we can by genetical base and early socialization.  We secure complete breed servis.

Everything other is in hands of owners our dogs. We are very happy that our puppies found so good owners which have they as familly friends.

Very important is quality food ofcourse and nonending comunication with so wonderful breed.
We are in contact with breeders and clubs from another countries.
We are very proud that the dogs from us are too successful and giving to next generations genes of our sweet dogs.


From 2005 litter:

Geo de Badea Gheo Junior Romania Champion, R.CAC- Kopo Klub Hungary, Intermediate Class-2008


Gangster de Badea Gheo Junior Champion in Romania, Champion in Romania and  CAC and CACIB in Italy, France and Monaco


Another progeny from Notthinghami Akaszto Almos (Ali), with O'Neill Arlen , female of Ears N' Noses Kennel:

Arthur Ears N' Noses Double-O-Seven Junior Champion in Romania, Champion in Romania, excelent, World Dog Show-Stocholm- Sweden- 2008, Champion of Champions,


Ears N' Noses Dracula's Favorites Dog and Ears N' Noses Drive Me Nuts- Junior Champions in Romania.



From 2007 litter, Notthinghami Akaszto Almos X Adity de Adria:

Big de Badea Gheo  Junior Club Winner in Budapest- Hungary & European Youth Vicewinner Dog- Budapesta, Hungary 2008 Romania Junior Champion, Bulgaria Junior Champion, Serbia Junior Champion, Hungary Junior Champion

 Bianca de Badea Gheo (Lusha, Teodorescu family's dog), Romania Junior Champion, Bulgaria Champion 2009, Bulgaria Champion 2009, CAC on EuroDog Show 2012

Boss de Badea Gheo (Bruno, Marta & Bogdan's dog)- 2 x CACIB,

Bella de Badea Gheo (Aimee d'Abou's dog), 2 x RPJ,

Brandy de Badea Gheo (Plot, Stanca's dog), 2 x RPJ

David de Badea Gheo (J. J., Mate family's dog), R.Ch.

Era de Badea Gheo (Eli, Romanian Police dog) 2 x CAC,

Fane de Badea Gheo ( Tammie Winkley- Top Dog Bloodhounds Kennel-Waldron, Arkansas) American Kennels Club-Champion 





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